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Internet Geisha, Tumblrmuffin, SatNavGirl, Laundryboy Toaster Tears
11:15 Slow Accumulation
Lawnmall, 2014
15:18 Trapt Under Ice
Lawnmall, 2014
12:14 Keep It Fresh
Lawnmall, 2014
18:19 youngturksrecords:

“I don’t have time to think about how much of myself I’m exposing. If you’re self-conscious, then you’re not giving yourself, are you?”FKA twigs offers us a glimpse into her world in a fascinating feature in Crack Magazine.Read the full article here:

I love her so much!
17:48 One Can Dream
Lawnmall, 2014
15:29 Sweet Candy!
Lawnmall, 2014
16:14 Mermaid
Lawnmall, 2014
08:06 Pure Gold, Baby. We Should be Ready for the Storm (early incarnation 1)
Lawnmall, 2014

"This is an impersonal look at a personal object which I love and loath. Bluetooth lives!"


Just decided that whenever someone asks me why I did something I’ll sing “Because that’s what girls do…

11:44 Lawnmall’s Curio Shop 2
Lawnmall, 2014